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Grandpa Passing

Jason’s grandpa passed away this past Friday night overnight.  Grandpa Knutson and B were close.  So, tomorrow will be tough as we start to celebrate his life at the prayer service.  The funeral will be on Wednesday.  Most of the family has made it to town.  It will be good to see everyone tomorrow.

Got any suggestions on how to handle it with kids that are her age?  I don’t think it’s hit her yet and probably will not till we see him in the cascet.  She wipes away tears when we go to their house, but she hasn’t cried yet.


Old Video’s

When Bailey was about 1, we purchased a camcorder.  This was before digital camcorders were out.

We’ll after 5 years, I finally figured out how to turn the video on tapes into digital video’s!  Wow… some great memories!  So far my favorite

1.  Bailey at her 3rd Birthday Party saying “Thank you for coming to my birthday party!”

2.  Bailey surprised look on her face when walking in on her Surprise Birthday Party when she turned 4.

3.  Bailey’s first look at what Santa Clause gave her when she turned 1

4.  Welcoming my brother home from Iraq

5.  Standing up for my sister in her wedding

6.  Watching how we moved houses down hamilton on a snowy icey day (we were crazy!)

7.  Seeing Roberts face when ISU lost their game on a Saturday at the Janicek Thanksristmas a few years ago.

8.  watching Bailey cout to 20 (skipping 16, 18 and 19)

9.  watching Bailey try to blow out a candle

10.  watching Bailey and Jason go sledding in our backyard late one night.

And the best is yet to come – – Jason and my wedding video’s!