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1st Home Study Meeting

Last night was our first home visit with Betty, who is licensing us to become foster parents.  She came over around 6:30 and stayed till a little after 8:00.  She spent a lot of time discussing foster parenting with Bailey.  They went through different scenario’s and how it would make her feel.  About 6 months ago, she fostered a pig and had to give it back to her Aunt Laura’s family.  This really helped her to see how it will be to say goodbye to her “friend” / “Foster sister”.  Other things we talked to her about is that they may not go to her school, which really dissappoints Bailey.  Also, that she will need to ask those coming to live with us if she should call them a friend or a foster sister. 

Betty looked at the room that she will be staying in and says that we could take up to 3 kids, but we are thinking 2 at the most at any one time.  The more I thought about it, our vehicles can only hold 5 people.  Now, we need to work on a floor plan of our home that shows the dimensions of each room, where the doors are located and windows located.  We need to take some interior pictures of our home for the foster children to see and more paperwork :)!

Here’s a funny story that all of you knowing Jason would laugh about….  Last week in class we were talking about the needs of humans.  Everyone was saying Food, Water, Air.  Jason whispered to me sex.  I told him it must not be the case since he’s still alive.  But, then the 2 trainers said that the class forgot sex since it’s needed to continue on the human race.  He then said, “See, I was right”.  So, Jason is the definately the smart one.