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Vantus Bank

My husband has been calling it since late last week. He was even asking other banks employees last week if they wants to camp out in the Vantus Bank parking lot this Friday at 4:45.

He was however off on the time. Everyone thought the take over would happen at 5. He was camped out in the parking lot at 5. Dave was there with the Sioux City Journal, a tv camera was there, but no odd cars in the lot (except ours). Bailey forgot some items at home, so we ran home to grab them. We had to go by Vantus on our way out of town.

Every employees car was in the parking lot still. Weird huh, on a Friday, so we knew it was definitely going to happen. In the lot, I noticed a car from Texas and one from Missouri with suits in them. It was getting close to 5:30, so we camped out till then.

On the nose of 5:30, 2 women got out of each cars and grabbed their bags out of the trunk. The 4 women joined 2 men and the door to Vantus was unlocked for them.

Good-bye First Federal / Vantus Bank. You will be missed.

I feel bad to have captured it on camera and video, but at the same time glad. We are the only one’s I saw that captured this moment in our community history.

Now, an employee has to be going thru way more emotions about this than any of us. We need to wish them all the best in their next phase of their careers.

Off to KC…….. Finally!
Virginia Anderson
Project Manager
Pro-Link Realty



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