We leave 5.5 hrs

Yes, I probably should be sleeping, but so many little last minute things to do. I had everything packed last night. That annoyed Jason but I feel a lot more organized. He asked where his computer was, I said packed. He asked where his toothbrush was, I said packed. I just hope he remembered to repack everything after he used it.

I picked B up from school today. There wasn’t a whole lot for her to help with. She just watched several cartoons, picked up her room, went to grandma’s with me and then took a bath. She was in bed by 8 and asleep by 8:30. She was worn out from all the excitement and this past weekend with K and R.

I asked if we had everything packed that she wanted to take with her. She insisted on taking donald and pluto. Not enough room for both of them in the carryon bag. So donald gets front seat and pluto gets luggage seats.

Virginia Anderson
Project Manager
Pro-Link Realty

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