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Free Parenting Classes Stats for Sioux City

This was in an article about single mom’s in the Sioux City Journal on 5/2/2010.  Wow!

‘Responsibility and accountability’

The Crittenton Center’s Westside Resource Center provides free parenting classes to parents of children under 6 years of age.

The research-based classes teach parents everything from how to clean an umbilical chord to safe disciplining techniques.

Primarily teenagers and young parents attend the classes because they want to know more about parenting, or have been ordered to by the court, according to Westside Resource Center program director Monica Rosenthal.

In 2009, Rosenthal said 451 families attended the 6-session curriculum. Of those families, 311 of them made $10,000 or less annually, 209 were single, and 219 did not have a high school education.