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Weekend went by fast

After last weeks long weekend, this weekend went by fast. 

We went to the SCGO FORE A GOOD TIME event up at the Sioux City Country Club on Friday night.  It was good to hang with friend.  The music was also good, but he should have handed out cards so people could book him after the event.  Cara and Craig stopped over when we got home.

Saturday and Sunday we focused on helping good friends of ours move.  There were a lot of good memories that came back as we were going through things. 

Last night I took Bailey to a Bandits game.  All the players signed a football that we usually take places with us for something to throw around.  All the players were really nice and thanked us except for one who felt he needed to talk about his agent with a fellow player and just signed.  Need to probably work on his teamwork skills and on the field skills a little more….

Here’s to the week!