Grandma is in the hospital

Not sure what is causing it, but she is just out of it.  She talks about random things, falls asleep in the middle of a conversation and when talking to her it’s like talking to someone with a deer in the headlights type of stare.  

They first thought it was the new back pain medicine that she was taking, now today they are saying it was that she was dehidrated.  They said she needs to get cozy for she will be staying quite a while this time. 

Call and say  hi at 712-279-2622

1 Response to “Grandma is in the hospital”

  1. 1 andersonvl
    July 25, 2010 at 11:14 am

    A week later and I’m hoping to take her home tomorrow. YEAH! But I need to go grocery shopping for a salt free diet – – what to get?

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