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Anderson Holiday Tradition Continues

Tonight we are going out on our annual holiday Christmas Lights Tour… Have you seen the map on the Sioux City Journal where you can mark your house if you put up Christmas lights? click here This is a cool idea. Just wish more of you would put your house on the list. I know there’s a ton more decorated than are on here.

This tradition started the year that we had Bailey. I went home before Bailey did from the hospital. So, every morning Jason would drop me off at the hospital on his way to work. Then, after work he would come up and do a feeding. One night after the feeding (and before the later feeding), we went to McDonald’s and got some milk shakes and we drove around Sioux City looking at lights.

Every year since, we have done this with Bailey. So, if you light up your house, would you PLEASE go out and mark it on the map so we can come by and check it out!

The funniest part about this whole story…. the only lights we put outside is a figurine of a snowmand and santa in front of our house. So, we need you to decorate your house for us! And maybe one day we’ll return the favor.