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We heard that Sioux City was suppose to get rain and snow all weekend, so we decided to head to Kansas City for the weekend.  In big hopes that maybe we’d get snowed in down here.

Last night we went to a fundraiser for Sydney’s dance recital.  Bailey stayed with Craig & Cara.  Chris (Tryn’s boyfriend) and I didn’t play so we hung out all evening.  He won a 19″ TV worth $325.99 in the raffle.  Someone accused him of taking his raffle tickets, kind of funny.  Ward was out first, then Tryn, then Jason.  Robin made it to the final table and ended up in 4th Place winning $50.

Today we picked up Sydney and Bailey and went to Science City at the Union Station.  We had a blast!  See our pictures on Flickr.

*  played with animals / saw snakes/frogs/rats

*  dug for dinosaur bones

*  figured out mazes

*  went to electricity program

*  watched sydney ride a bike on a tight rope

*  landed a shuttle on earth

*  figured out all of #’s (oxygen level, balance tech, fat %, etc)

*  haunted house

*  laser show

* miniature golf 

We had a blast from 10:30 – 5:00 at Union Station.  Lunch was really good.  It was an old fashion diner.  Now, we are enjoying Little Chicago Pizza and hanging out with Robin, Cara & Craig.  Jason worked all day!  He says he got a lot done.