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Wow… have things been busy

It’s crunch time in the Anderson house!  Sorry I haven’t written much lately, you’ll see why when you read on.  I don’t typically blog during the day, but I need to take a moment for myself.  And this may help to relieve stress.  

So, let me start out with a funny story…. A few weeks back, Jason brought a dish of leftover tuna noodle casserole with him to work for lunch.  Turns out he grabbed the container with a half-cut onion in it.  So, the other day Bailey wanted to have Tuna Noodle Casserole for supper.  Her and I went to the store to get the stuff.  Dad stopped home to eat quick before going back to work.  I asked if he wanted a quick sandwich or tuna noodle cassarole.  He said he wanted the casserole.  Bailey replied “Are you sure you don’t want an onion dad?”  She’s got a good memory!

Jason took the President role for Sculpt Siouxland, Inc. this year.  This group puts the sculptures up on 4th Street each year.  The SCGO group use to oversee this project, but to get more community volunteers, they seperated.  As a newly formed organization, they’ve been quite busy getting for the new Sculpture exhibit that is going to be installed May 16th.  They have 21 pieces coming in from artists!  I haven’t seen what they look like, but it’s going to be fabulous (or so I’m told).  He’s had a few late nights working on that.  Plus, this stock market is keeping him happier these days!  But, busy at the same time. 

Kyle has been selling townhomes right and left.  We are now up to 9 townhomes sold in Dakota Dunes (only 13 more to sell).  I’ve got 4 townhomes completed and 8 under construction.  We announced a similar project in Whispering Creek.  It will have 24 townhomes and 2 single-family homes.  So far, it sounds like we will have at least 5 homes sold before we dig the first hole on June 1st.  Closing weeks seem to get crazy and this week we have 2 townhomes closing this week.  So, double stress.  And our cleaning lady is trying to clean while sick with the flue.  NO FUN!  Also recently, Kyle has sold 2 building lots, signed 2 new tenants in Yankton, worked on build-out for a few tenants at the Marne Creek building and tried to get 310 Virginia demo project completed.  We have an intern starting May 11th!  So, that will help!

Jason and I are working to get the Field Day for Lincoln School put together.  We are in charge of the grades K-2.  Fun, Fun.

Oh ya, and our license to become foster parents becomes effective tomorrow!  That’s the challenge we are most excited for!

So, till there is more time….. which isn’t now….