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Friday night, I stayed home with Bailey to relax from my trip.  In bed by 10.

Saturday, 8:00 – woke up, 9:00 – opened up the garage for a future homebuyer and got some paperwork signed, 10:00 – Princess & the Pea with Bailey at Morningside College, 11:30 – Farmers Market, 12:00 – home for lunch, 3:00 – nap, 5:00 – drop Bailey off at grandpa’s for a sleepover with Coley, 5:30 – sponsored a tailgate with Jason for Sculpt Siouxland, 8:00 – Hoffman’s Luau, 12:00 – go get Cara & Craig from downtown and bring them to Luau.  Home at 2:30!  WOW!

Sunday, 12:00 – woke up, 1:00 – by the pool, 5:00 – suffering from a sunburn, hanging out in the cool basement doing laundry.  In bed by 10:30.


Trip to Ames

On Thursday night, I left Sioux City around 6 and headed to Ames, Iowa with 4 fellow SCGO members – – Mandie Norby, Beth Trejo, Matt Campbell and Greg Hoffman.  We met up with Jon Murad, who got there a little earlier.  We got to the hotel around 8:30 and headed to the bar by 9:00.  Ate dinner and enjoyed 2 for 1’s.  Great conversation all night….

Friday all day we were in a YPIowa Conference with the other YP Leaders from around the state.  Wish there may have a few more groups represented at the conference.  But, I did gain a couple of tips that I would pass onto the Membership Chair (VP of SCGO) and the Civics Chair.  I got to enjoy lunch with the CEO of a physician owned hospital from Marshalltown, IA.  He had some great advice – – one quote he had heard was “customers always come 2nd”.  This is because employees should come first.  If you treat your employees good, they will give that respect to your customers.  One of the other CEO’s, the Iowa State Alumni Director said “let this YP phase be one phase of your life.  Look forward to the next phase of your life”.  Great advice as I look forward to giving up my position on the YPIowa board and focusing more on helping kids through foster parents.

One nice thing that YPIowa did was recognize me for my 2 years as President and in organizing the start of the group.  They gave me a poster to get framed that says “Why I chose Iowa”.  It will look great right next to my Husker Fan sign in my office.

The afternoon Job Ambassador part of the day did not go as smooth.  More to work on with that.

The drive home was a little longer cause I was STARVING!  But, great conversation with a good bunch of friends.


Foster Kids yet?


Received 2 calls, but bother were for permanent placement.  At least we know they have our correct phone numbers. 

I talked with some DHS reps this weekend at the Juneteenth Celebration and they were shocked we didn’t have a kid yet. 

Maybe they know I haven’t red the entire handbook yet….. hmmmmm…..


Happy father’s day


Busy Saturday

About a week ago Jason said to me, “Since we don’t have anything going on Saturday morning, I agreed to help with the Sertoma Kids in the Park event on Saturday from 10-2.”  My reply, “Since we didn’t have anything going on on Saturday morning, I agreed to help set-up for the Juneteenth Celebration from 9-12”.  Double Booked, UGH.

What else was scheduled for the day?  Davenport wedding at 4:00 in Morningside and Cara/Craig Couple bridal shower at 6:00 in Morningside.  Once again, nothing to wear.

So, Jason took Bailey to the Kid’s program.  I picked her up a little afternoon and we hit the mall shopping for 2 new dresses for Bailey and I.  Kohls, nothing.  Old Navy, nothing.  Gordmans, nothing.  Maurices – – Slam Dunk!  Bailey decides she wants to wear a old dress, but get new shoes.  And mama needs new shoes.  So, off to Shoe Carnival, and hit a double with 2 pairs of shoes.  Back in the car at 2:15 headed home to shower, change and be back in the car by 3:30 to head to morningside.

Wedding was beautiful, cocktails were at 5:30 and dinner at 7:15.  Off to shower right after dinner.  There by 8:00.  Stayed till 11:30 and then to bed.  WOW…. what a full summer day.


Fire on Sunday



Anderson Lakeside Hideaway

I just sent out the invitations for the 4th Annual Anderson Lakeside Hideaway.  The invitations included 41 adults and several children.  It sounds like fun!  Check out

Tonight we came home to find grandma at our house.  She came over after her dentist apointment.  She mentioned she is feeling better than she has in years!  That’s great news.  She called last night and said she wants to get a dog.  I’m kind of concerned because I don’t want to inherit a dog if something were to happen to her.  So, I think we need an older dog that isn’t use to a lot of activity.  Need to head to Siouxland Humane Society.  Grandma and I got the basement set-up so she can come over on Sunday and spent time doing our laundry.  She volunteered!  She loves doing laundry and is getting extremely board sitting at home on Sunday’s.  So, after church, they are going to drop her off at our house.  She’ll do laundry and we”ll take her home in the evening.  She says she doesn’t need us to be around.  She’ll just hang out in the basement.  CRAZY offer, but I’ll take it!  🙂

After we took grandma home, we went for a family bike ride on the bike trail.  Lots of fun.  VERY humid out, but I loved it.  Bailey hated it.  She is so much like her grandma sometime.  It reminds me how much of an influence you can have on your children when they are very young. 

Last night I didn’t sleep well – – too hot – – but jason turned the air on today – – YAH!  Goodnight.

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