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Grandma’s Dog


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She has had him now for one week and I can report they are doing great. She has a lot of great friends that are helping her by taking Moji for a walk three different times a day. Not sure what will happen this winter.

P.S. Don’t forget grandma charlotte’s birthday is Friday!


Anderson Wedding

This past weekend Jason and I headed in different directions and left Bailey behind.  Jason headed to Omaha with his brother, Randy, to host Craig’s Bachelor Party.  I dropped Bailey off at Dani’s house and headed North to Okoboji for my future sister-in-laws Bachellorette Party.  I think all three of us had a fun weekend apart.  I guess it is good for everyone to take a break every once in a while.

There were a few at the bars on Saturday night that tried to convience Cara to not get married.  Luckily I was there to remind her how cool of a sister-in-law I will be!  That’s good enough reason to walk down the isle and marry Craig.  He he he he….

If you don’t know the story, it’s a cute one.  So Jason and I met Cara up at the Sioux City Country Club when we were members (before we were married).  She was always the bartender in the bar upstairs when we would go in for a drink.  I gave everyone in my wedding party one task – – they had to bring a date to the wedding.  Craig was not giving me any indications that he was working on his date.  So, while having a drink one night, we asked Cara to come to our wedding as Craig’s date.  She said he would have to ask.  We passed on the message and she came as his date.   And on August 22nd, 4 years and 4 months and 6 days later, they are getting married.

Looking forward to it all.  I’ll post pictures after the big day for everyone to see.


Wedding Shower

On Saturday, we celebrated 2 wedding showers for Cara to attend. It was unfortunate that Bailey was tired, but we still had fun.

Shower #1-Whites-its always good to hang with family and especially nice to have Cindy there with me. Usually I’m the only one from this side of the family at these things because everyone else lives out of town. Also Molly and Pete were back, so Bailey hung out with their kids. We played a fun game, Sandy passed a bowel of skittles around and asked each of us to take some. No clue why we were taking them, so I took 5 (my favorite number). I also took mostly red (for Cara’s wedding colors) and a yellow one. So, you had to give a fact about yourself for every skittle you took.

Wedding Shower #2 – we were at the home of the Meyers.  Very unique decor, but it is definately cool.  We played a “guess what Cara’s answers would be”.  I was very excited to get 8 of them correct.

The night ended with us at Grandma and Grandpa Knutson’s house watching the car race with Cara, Craig, Cindy, Robin and Sydney.

Bailey and Sydney created open houses for us to visit on the sidewalks outside.  VERY CUTE!




We had kidos the past two days. A 2 year old and a 5 year old. They were great kids! The first night the little one had trouble falling asleep, but last night was great. How do people do baths with more than one kid?


Bailey excited

Bailey woke up early this morning and first question was “what time are you going to pick me up?”. She is very excited to have our guests this week!


My new niece!

Welcome to our family McKinley Marie Glanville born yesterday afternoon (7/6/2009)!



4th of July 2009

No Saturday in the Park…. can you believe it?

Thursday night we headed to Columbus and got the tent up just in time.  It was muggy.  Jason and my dad tried to cat fish, but didn’t catch a thing.

Friday we relaxed at the lake all day and ate, and ate, and ate more!  Went for a couple of walks and enjoyed time with Katelynn.  Friday night we headed into Columbus to watch the fireworks from the restricted zone.  FABULOUS!

Saturday morning we headed back to Sioux City, hug out with the Rustwicks all day and prayed for sun.  STILL NONE!  Watched fireworks out in whispering creek and from the top of St. Luke’s.  Jason checked out the Stevens house.  AWESOME!

Sunday, we spent time with the Burkholders at their new home.  Can’t wait to help Lisa and Nathan move in!



Foster parents are given 24 days a year where their foster kids can stay at a different foster parents house.  This allows everyone to have a break / vacation / night out.  We are excited to help out a couple of foster parents this weekend and next weekend.

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