Wedding Shower

On Saturday, we celebrated 2 wedding showers for Cara to attend. It was unfortunate that Bailey was tired, but we still had fun.

Shower #1-Whites-its always good to hang with family and especially nice to have Cindy there with me. Usually I’m the only one from this side of the family at these things because everyone else lives out of town. Also Molly and Pete were back, so Bailey hung out with their kids. We played a fun game, Sandy passed a bowel of skittles around and asked each of us to take some. No clue why we were taking them, so I took 5 (my favorite number). I also took mostly red (for Cara’s wedding colors) and a yellow one. So, you had to give a fact about yourself for every skittle you took.

Wedding Shower #2 – we were at the home of the Meyers.  Very unique decor, but it is definately cool.  We played a “guess what Cara’s answers would be”.  I was very excited to get 8 of them correct.

The night ended with us at Grandma and Grandpa Knutson’s house watching the car race with Cara, Craig, Cindy, Robin and Sydney.

Bailey and Sydney created open houses for us to visit on the sidewalks outside.  VERY CUTE!

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