Anderson Lakeside Hideaway

I just sent out the invitations for the 4th Annual Anderson Lakeside Hideaway.  The invitations included 41 adults and several children.  It sounds like fun!  Check out www.lakejanicek.wordpress.com

Tonight we came home to find grandma at our house.  She came over after her dentist apointment.  She mentioned she is feeling better than she has in years!  That’s great news.  She called last night and said she wants to get a dog.  I’m kind of concerned because I don’t want to inherit a dog if something were to happen to her.  So, I think we need an older dog that isn’t use to a lot of activity.  Need to head to Siouxland Humane Society.  Grandma and I got the basement set-up so she can come over on Sunday and spent time doing our laundry.  She volunteered!  She loves doing laundry and is getting extremely board sitting at home on Sunday’s.  So, after church, they are going to drop her off at our house.  She’ll do laundry and we”ll take her home in the evening.  She says she doesn’t need us to be around.  She’ll just hang out in the basement.  CRAZY offer, but I’ll take it!  🙂

After we took grandma home, we went for a family bike ride on the bike trail.  Lots of fun.  VERY humid out, but I loved it.  Bailey hated it.  She is so much like her grandma sometime.  It reminds me how much of an influence you can have on your children when they are very young. 

Last night I didn’t sleep well – – too hot – – but jason turned the air on today – – YAH!  Goodnight.

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