Tonight I put the final touches on my powerpoint for the Quota meeting tomorrow.  I am giving a presentation on Social Media.  Pretty much I am plagerizing a whole buch of powerpoints that were posted onto www.slideshare.com.  This is the BEST WEBSITE EVER! 

Moji got sick last week – – had an ear infection – – got better – – got neutured – – surgery went bad – – got sick again.  But he is MUCH better now.  The hardest part about this whole thing is that grandma is responsible for giving him his medicine, and she can’t remember when to give him and what to give him.  It’s hard to have someone go through this.

Bailey had Prep tonight.  We also started working on the Our Father.  Why do they make a 1st grader memorize a prayer that even a 32 year old still wonders what some of the phrases exactly mean?  I can generalize the prayer, but trying to explain to a 1st grader what “who art in heaven, hallow be thy name” means.

This week Bailey is the star student, so we picked up stuff at the store to make treats for Friday.  We are going to make jello pond – – it’s jello with fish in it and a hooked worm tries to catch the fish.  If it works out, I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

Jason worked late tonight and now is in bed on his computer.  Better get off facebook/blog and talk to him in person. 


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