Time to write a post

Wow… It’s almost been a month since I posted anything. I really need to do this more often. More hours in a day is what I want for Christmas each year. Why can’t my grant be ever requested?

We woke up this morning at 8 and got the kids up to go to B’s Basketball game, to find out 10 minutes later that the game had been canceled. Why didn’t I hit snooze.

Christmas decorating was done before Thanksgiving – a new tradition for the Anderson family that we are definately going to keep!

Christmas shopping is almost wrapped up. Not litterally wrapped, but all the stuff is in the secret hiding spot. Still need to buy a few more gifts for Bailey that are not clothes… hmmmmm…. what to get her that doesn’t cost $200! It seems like everything on her list costs that much!

Christmas cards are ordered and should be here this week. Do I have your address so I can send you one? Just send us one and I’ll send one of ours back to you. So, please include the return address on your envelope.

Well…. I guess I should get to my list since I have an extra hour to get things accomplished with no basketball game this morning!

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