Weekend list accomplished!

Friday Night: we went out to eat as a family to Texas Roadhouse. The kids had never been there before and announced this was their favorite restaurant. Then, we went drove back looking at christmas light. Funny moment, when we told the kids we were going christmas light looking, they thought we would be going to a store to look at lights, they didn’t realize it meant we would look at lights on people’s houses. Thank u to cherrywood for your great display every year!

Saturday: cleaned the fridge, picked up some gifts, grocery shopping, went to B’s basketball game, went sledding, enjoyed hot coco / hot tea, B went to christmas party, family movie night and spent 4 hrs with grandma in the ER.

Sunday: made big breakfast, washed and made 3 beds, washed all clothes, baked and frostinged 4 dozen cookies with the kids, visited Santa and enjoyed a little time with my brother and sister-in-law.

Now — off to bed. We have the kids court tomorrow so please keep them in your prayers.

Virginia Anderson
Project Manager
Pro-Link Realty

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