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Friday Night Rehersal

Bailey 2009

Originally uploaded by Virginia Anderson

Tonight was Cara and Craig’s Rehersal & Dinner. Bailey had to meet her ring bearer, Jack. She was very shy at first. But by the end, they were willing to hold arms and practice walking down the isle. At dinner, she tried to play with Jack, but her cousins wanted to play also. But, she sat by Sydney and grandpa and enjoyed the evening.

She got her tiera from Cara for the wedding day and a Flower Girl bag to carry her items in. She was shocked with the tiara because she was there when they picked it out, but forgot Cara had bought it.

The night didn’t start out good though. Dad was suppose to pick her up from school at 3:30. They were to go home and get dressed and pick me up at 4:00. They picked me up at 4, but were not changed. She insisisted that she didn’t like the white pants and didn’t want to wear them. We picked out the outfit a week earlier. This was what she was going to wear. I was not giving in. There were dramatic tears shed, but in the end she agreed to wear them if I let her wear the pink curley hair. It didn’t go with the orange shirt, but it’s always fun when she wears it.

Cara looked beautiful tonight. Craig looked calm. At one point I thought that I never even doubt that either one of them will go through with this. That’s true love. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Today at the bridesmail lunch, Cara asked me to pick-up Craig’s watch at the Fed Ex store at 9:00. Later that night, Craig asked me to pick up his gift to Cara and give it to her at the hair appointment. I’m honored to be their go between gal….