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Craig & Bailey

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Thank you Craig and Cara for asking our entire family to be apart of the entire day. 4 years, 4 months and 6 days after your first day, we are finally here!

8:30 – pick up Cara’s gift from Craig
9:00 – pick up Craig’s gift from Cara – it did not arrive – panic
9:15 – take Craig’s gift to Cara – she paniced that his gift didn’t arrive. But luckily we all have connections. Elise Greenberg was out of town, but Amanda’s sister-in-law (who was in Okoboji) got in touch with Elise’s sister Amy to get a watch at Greenberg’s.
9:15 – Bailey gets her hair done
10:00 – I get my hair done
11:00 – head to Greenberg’s
11:30 – watch has arrived at the church – realized it was a ladie’s watch (can you tell I don’t wear one?)
12:00 – dressed and ready for pics
1:00 – eat – bailey tried to drink grape soda
2:00 walk down the isle – Bailey dropped her lipstick at the very end, just like mom said she would.
3:00 – ceremony over – no tears shed – I just lost a $2 bet to Bailey
3:30 – bridesmaid room clean and heading into the limo!
3:35 – already teaching Bailey how to “cheers”
3:45 – pictures at the riverfront – bailey mad cause she can’t go with us the rest of the time. I think Cara is better at bribing my daughter then I am. We need to her with us all the time!
5:00 – arrive at the reception – – it’s all a blurr from here…

The Best Man speech went awesome. I think it got Jason over his fear of talking in public.

Our gift to them was decorating their hotel room. The candles were lit at 10:45, the pizza arrived at 11:00, and then they decided to extend the wedding dance 1 hour. UGH. We checked the room at 12:30, still not on fire, thank god. We stole a piece of pizza. Showed it to Cara and then finally they headed to their room.

A day I will never forget! It still hasn’t hit me that we won’t see them as much since all of this is over. 😦