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My own personal blog

The word blog was first introduced to me during a YPIowa meeting.  It was during discussion of things that those graduating from college understand and things that those of us who graduated 10 years ago have never heard of.  It was foreign to me till I started posting some blogs to the YPIowa page.

Then, when Pro-Link was created, we knew a blog would be something new and different to introduce to the world.  Since I was the only one with some past experience, this became my fun daily task.  But, it’s always about business.

I’ve always wished to keep a journal, and only did a few times when I was in middle school and then when I was pregnant with Bailey.  My  life is very much an open book, so why not just combine my personal thoughts in this blog & keep my journal at the same time.

I hope you enjoy seeing the inside of the Anderson Family through my eyes.