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Wii Guitar Hero

Robin, Ward, Cindy, Jason and I are rocking out to Guitar Hero right now.¬† Jason won’t let me do 80’s / early 90’s songs…. ūüė¶

For the first time, Cindy and Robin are doing pretty good.¬† Jason’s showing off getting 90% on Medium level.¬† He must have been practicing when I wasn’t looking (or he took guitar lessons in his past).

Bailey and Sydney are playing dress up with my old halloween and dance costumes.¬† Bailey came out in my sister’s 1st dance costume and it fit her good.¬† Not sure what year she started, but Bailey is just in Kindergarten?!!¬†Laura, it’s that bright pink and black one.¬†¬† The one where you and I took our pictures together that year.

¬†Sydney (who is in the 4th grade) came out in my costumes that I wore when I was in¬†my 6th grade dance recital.¬† I must have have been a lot shorter cause it was showing a lot of waist and was tight on her.¬† Back when I wore those we were not allowed to show any waist.¬† It was that red vest that I wore with the black boe tie and black pants during the opening song of that year’s recital.¬† It was the year I started doing¬†pointe and¬†danced with the 9th and 10th grade class.