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Wii E-mails from home to work

After receiving 10 inches of snow overnight, school got called off and Christmas break for Bailey became 15 days instead of 14 days.  Luckily, Jason was able to take the day off and be with her.  They spent most the day shoveling at our house and at Grandma & Grandpa Knutsons.

However, during the afternoon, Bailey spent some time on the Wii while dad was doing some cleaning around the house.  The Wii offers a feature where she can e-mail me messages to my e-mail.  Here’s the messages I got on Friday… 

hi mommy
this is what i did so i didi paedb in
the soaw oat sid and wocha ‘t`v and

wit to grandmo and grandpo,s and

nowa i am tascting you and i tick

dadde is shaovling i mis you mommy i love you form bailey to mom



Then she got bored, and didn’t want to help dad clean the house.  So, she decided to write me another message.  However, she forgot that her and dad drove me to work.  So, they were my ride home.  Here’s the final message I got.  She’s definately in a mama’s girl.




mommy i neid you i dotd like it riy
now at ‘2’24 pes ucm hoaem downot
tel eanebote or show eanebote

pes’pss’pes cum hoaem