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Christmas with Janicek

We just got home and unpacked from Columbus for the Janicek immediate family Christmas. This was an awesome weekend because everyone got to relax and the kids were able to hang out with us. Katlynn was just starting to crawl, so she can get around, but not too fast yet. Jackson was just as adorable as ever. He’s got a lot of boy in him, but is VERY well behaved (except in church). He was prevoked a lot. Bailey was being exceptionally good during church because she was promised she could take the dogs for a walk if she was good.

We got to columbus yesterday just before noon and had godfathers pizza (yum yum). Then played wii and opened gifts. Then enjoyed sandwiches and bean soup and potatoe soup. Everyone was stinky afterwards. Laura, robert, jason and I stayed up late and played ER and CSI on the wii. Then before everyone took off today, we ate a fabulous dinner. I ate sooo much good food, and haven’t felt good since. But it was worth it.   We enjoyed dessert with Grandma & Grandpa Janicek and then taught them how to play Apples to Apples.