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A surprise for the both of you

Jason and I picked Bailey up from Beyond the Bell tonight and the first thing she said when we got in the car was, “Mom and Dad, I have a huge surprise for both of you when we get home.”  Dad couldn’t get her to break her secret on the way home, even though he tried hard.  She told us when we got home we needed to take off our coats and head up stairs to sit on the couch.  While taking off our coats, she informed us we could not peak in her backpack.  When we all got settled, she pulled out a piece of paper for us – – it was her 1st Grade Word List!  🙂

When starting Kindergarten, she was given a list of 50 words that she needed to recognize.  For the last month, we have been working hard on the word “WHAT”.  It stumps her everytime.  But, she said before Christmas Break that she wanted to work on her list hard so she could pass the Kindergarten list once started back at school.  She did what she set out to accomplish.  She said she was the only one today that got the 1st grade list.  She thinks theres like 5 or 6 others in her class that already are on the 1st grade list.  But, no one is on the 2nd grade list….YET….