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All I heard you say was

Tonight I picked up grandma and then picked up Bailey from Beyond the Bell.  We celebrated her getting her 1st Grade list by going out to eat at McDonald’s.  We caught up on everything that’s happened the past week & half.  Grandma caught brochitius so we couldn’t hang out last week.  After dinner we took grandma home and got her telephone working.  Then, picked up dad for the ride home.

So, on the way to pick up dad, Bailey asked me about something that I definately would disagree with.  But apparently I didn’t say it out loud.  So, she asked dad about it when he got in the car.  Dad disagreed and I said “I told you so”.  Her response was, “Mom, all I heard you say was …. (she pressed her lips together)”.  Sometimes she can be VERY witty.