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Report Card

We got Bailey’s report card for the 2nd 9 weeks of school today, and we were VERY pleased.  They guage children’s reading levels from A (Beginning) to U (Expert).  The expect a Kindergartener at this level to be at a B, and Bailey is at a C level.  She has a 101+ on her Reading Progress Rubic for 2nd Quarter (101 is the top score).  She had +’s in every category other than writing her name.  She needs to work on her Y’s still.  Her teacher said “Bailey has shown growth in all academic areas this nine weeks.  She should continue to practive retelling skills.  Bailey should also practice sounding out words and writing short sentences.

She had 3 hand written notes from the Principal, Dr. Banks.  “Terrific Grades”, “Excellent Attendance!” and “Good school behavior”.

Thank you Bailey!  Because of her good grades, our family went out for supper to Taco Johns!