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Foster Parents

Jason and I decided about 6 months ago to become foster parents.  We both would like to have more children in the house, but would prefer to not enter the unknown of pregnancy again.  During my first pregnancy I was on bed rest or half days at work for a few months.  Bailey was still delivered 5 weeks early by Emergency C-Section and, to this day, they don’t know what caused my uterus to do the things it was doing that day.  So, I’ve been told to expect to take time off of work for my next pregnancy and my job relies on me being there.  And I love my job.  We love Sioux City and enjoy giving back to the community.  Becoming foster parents is another way for us to assist families to create a stronger future Siouxland.

During our orientation meeting, we were excited to know we were one of six couples that signed-up to attend the orientation, but quickly saddened when we were the only couple that showed up.  We quickly felt that foster parents had a lack of committment.  But, as we walked into the actual 10 week Foster Parents classes 2 weeks ago, we met a class of future foster parents that are going to be great parents.  I am very excited to get to know each one of these individuals throughout these 10 classes and to keep in touch following the class.

Many people warned us about the homework.  I wouldn’t call it homework, I’d call it paperwork.  There’s a lot of assessments, documents and reading to be done.  Also, we need to write a letter to our foster children, foster children’s parents and draw a floor plan of our home.  Bailey even got to draw a picture of the foster child apart of our family.

Looking forward to finishing up my homework on Friday night for our Saturday class!  Nite