Santa’s Letter

Bailey wrote a letter to Santa at school a few weeks back asking for an extra Wii Remote, the game Mario Kart and the movie bolt.  It was a very cute letter.  She did it in red and green letters.

On Saturday, she gave the letter to her grandpa Rick, who is a postman at the N’side Post Office.  He was to mail it to Santa for her.  Tonight, Tuesday night, when we got home from seeing the Palmers & Knutsons, there was a letter in the mailbox from Santa to Bailey.  As we read it, she asked, “how did he get my letter so quickly?  how did I get his letter back so quickly?”  I told her that grandpa had special access to Santa Clause.  She asked for me specifics.  I told her she needed to ask Grandpa Rick how it exactly works.  I hope Grandpa has a good story to tell.

Sydney and Bailey worked on art projects all day today.  Then, they brought the parents through their art gallery at the end of the evening.  They made snowflakes, life size nutcrackers, flowers & colored Christmas pictures.  It was  really cute.  They spent a lot of time on it.  She also worked hard on coloring pictures for Grandma & Grandpa’s Coupon book today.  Tomorrow she should finish up coloring Grandma Charlotte’s Christmas Coloring Book. 

She went to bed saying “I really wish this was Christmas Eve!  I can’t wait for one more day!”

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