Christmas Eve / Christmas Day

Our Christmas has been a busy couple of days like most.

On Christmas Eve Day, Bailey spent the entire day with Grandma Cindy helping to prepare for the evening feast.  Luckily, she opened her apron, cooking hat and hot pads gift from Grandma Cindy early.  She made her sugar cookies for Santa and was Grandma’s right hand for the day.  I think this really excited her because she was WIRED when we finally got over there.  She got to play with her cousin’s that she doesn’t get to see very often, so that was awesome!  Bob White and her really had a great time hanging out together.  We got a Money Tree!  How could you ask for anything better than that!  I hope it keeps growing!  Aunt Sandy got her a cross necklace.

At about 9:00 pm, she asked if we could go home so she wouldn’t miss Santa Clause.  And when we finally got home at 11:30 pm, she was relieved to see that Santa had not come yet.  She was super excited setting out her corn for the Reindeers and cookies & milk for Santa.  We read “Frosty the Snowman” and off to sleep she went.

On Christmas Day, I picked Grandma Charlotte up at 7:30 am.  She said “I think I’m the most excited kid in this town for today, I’ve been up since 5:30 am”.  We got to the house and got settled.  It was around 8:30 am when Bailey finally emerged from her bedroom with her crazy hair.  She looked around the room and couldn’t tell which one’s Santa brought.  She is not one to really look at the tree and study which one’s are hers, so she didn’t know that the large pile on the couch was actually Santa’s gifts.  So, note to self in future, write TO BAILEY ANDERSON FROM SANTA on her gifts.  Santa brought her lip gloss, stampers, a Barbie book, Pajama’s, wii stearing wheel, mario cart & her favorite thing that she wasn’t expecting, a SNOW BOARD.  Good thing they were planning on going sledding that afternoon.  She also got Wii Boogie from Grandma Charlotte, but we spent the rest of the morning playing the game she asked santa for, Mario Kart. 

After sledding and snow boarding, we got cleaned up and packed up to head over to Grandpa Rick’s.  The kids hung out most the night before dinner playing Mario Kart downstairs.  Then, we enjoyed a Prime Rib dinner and then sat down to open presents.  WOW, was the paper flying.  The night ended with everyone relaxing downstairs playing Guitar Hero.  Bailey mentioned she can’t wait to get the game home so she can play it herself. 

At 10:00 pm, you could see she was exhausted.  Relunctantly, she put on her pajamas from Santa.  She doesn’t think the pink and white stripes looks good on her, but luckily everyone else liked them so she lost that battle.  We curled up on the couch so she could try and fall asleep.  Finally around 11 ish, everyone started heading out so she could get to sleep.  This morning, she is waking up to her uncles care.  She is going to go to lunch with Cara & Craig and then off to a movie with them.  It should be interesting to see which movie they go to…. she told Santa she wanted the movie Bolt for Christmas, but she didn’t realize it was still in the theatre.  But there are so many other movies she wants to see…..

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